17309371_1283316801705724_8430803179771612796_nActually, it’s about 85% of the haul. I mean, you go to a toy show to buy toys, right? In the event that you haven’t read a single post here at PopCult for the last two weeks, ToyLanta is the new name for JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. JoeLanta remains the core of the convention, but the show welcomes collectors of all toys, and as the convention grows, the name needed to shrink.

This year BotLanta was added to the mix, and dealers had everything from Shogun Warriors to Funko Pop to Hot Wheels, Barbie and model kits, in addition to GI Joe and Transformers. It was a killer show, and your PopCulteer will be hard at work to bring you the video highlights in a timely manner (unlike last year). So keep checking PopCult for all the juicy details. In the meantime, now that I’m back home and unpacked, here’s a group photo of most of what I got this year.

It was a great show.