Local virutoso guitarist Ryan Kennedy had some equipment stolen the other night. I’m going to quote from his Facebook page so that I don’t get any of the details wrong:

“A Mackie ProFX12 mixer was stolen from my car last night. Please send me a private message if you have any information.

The Mackie ProFX 12 Mixer

The Mackie ProFX 12 Mixer

Friends. It turns out that whoever stole my mixer also got my pedal board. If you notice that anyone you know is sporting a brand new Hardwire Stereo Reverb Pedal, a Hardwire delay pedal, an Xotic BB plus distortion pedal, or a Dunlop Crybaby Wah Wah pedal, inside a Boss BCB 60 pedal board, please let me know. Thank you…..

If whoever stole my aforementioned equipment intends to keep and/or use said equipment, then he or she is probably a musician and probably known to one or more of my musician friends. If you know anyone who has recently come across a load of new stuff, ask them about it or just message me privately. I’ve never seen anyone around here use an Xotic distortion pedal, and I’ve never seen the Mackie ProFX12 in anyone’s rig before.”

It really sucks when somebody with an amazing gift has the tools of his trade taken away. I’ve been talking to Ryan about being on Radio Free Charleston soon and it’d be nice if he could recover his equipment for the taping session. If you see any of this equipment floating around out there, please contact me at rudypan@suddenlink.net, and I will pass the information along to Ryan as quickly as possible.