The day after Christmas is called “Boxing Day.” It’s the day we box up all of our holiday programming on The AIR and run it one last time, so we can put off going back to work for one more day. You can listen at the website, or on this handy littled embedded player…

Highlights of Wednesday’s programming include Christmas episodes of Curtain Call at 9:30 AM, The Bats**it Crazy Show at 10:30 AM, Beatles Blast at Noon, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 1 PM, Prognosis at 3 PM, Radio Free Charleston at 5 PM and The Swing Shift at 7 PM.

Holiday music continues until Midnight, when we resume our regular schedule with the weekly overnight marathon of Mel Larch’s round up of great musical theater on Curtain Call. In the new year we will be beefing up our overnight marathon schedule, so that you can binge-listen to your favorite shows on The AIR.

The new year will bring some big changes to the entire programming schedule on The AIR, as some of our long-running shows go on hiatus, and we bring in some new programming ideas along with a more predictable replay schedule for our most popular music shows. Keep checking PopCult for details, because you won’t want to miss it.