4-4-logo-02Our internet radio station, The AIR, is barreling along with a fresh batch of shows and a tweaked schedule.  Today, Radio Free Charleston opens with The Velvet Brothers, recorded live just last Friday. You can tune in at The AIR Website, or just settle down right here on this embedded radio player…

A t 1o AM and 10 PM Tuesday join us for a new hour of great local music on Radio Free Charleston. We recorded The Velvet Brothers live at The Cantina in Kanawha City last Friday. This week we also bring you great local music from The Company Stores, The Wren Allen Band, Fabulous Head, Bon Air, and more. Check the playlist further down in this post.

At noon we offer up an afternoon of mysterious music, as we await some new programming that hasn’t arrived yet.

3 PM sees a new episode of The Swing Shift, with the best Swing Music of the last century. You’ll find the playlist for this week’s show below the RFC playlist.

5 PM sees the return of Dexter Checkers and Ska Madness. Dexter is cooking up new hour-long episodes, but in the meantime we’re doubling-up on encores of his half-hour program.

At 6 PM our daily New Music Show continues, while at 6:30 PM, by Popular Demand, it’s The Crazy Show. At 7 PM we offer up a preview of the soon-to-return Psychedelic Shack, presented by Nigel Pye, and at 8 PM it’s a replay of last weeks Sydney’s Big Electric Cat.

10 PM is when Radio Free Charleston is heard again, followed by last week’s Radio Free Charleston International, and an all-night marathon of Herman Linte and Prognosis.

The AIR is the place to go for interruption-free music. Below the jump you’ll find the playlists I promised you:


The Velvet Brothers  “All I Know”
Bon Air  “Julia”
Fabulous Head  “White Trash”
The MFB  “Thigh Gap Mishap”
The Company Stores  “So Good”
Under Social  “Dead Inside”
Treasure Cat  “Battle of Britain”
Corporate Orange  “New Drugs”
Wren Allen Band  “Flood”
The Scrap Iron Pickers  “Swamp Thing”
Groove Heavy  “Feel This Groove”
No Rain  “Blind”
David Synn “Regression”

The Swing Shift 018

Joe Jackson’s Jumpin’ Jive “We The Cats Shall Hep Ya”
The New Morty Show  “On The Run”
Sandra Cotalari  “Doctor Swing”
Benny Goodman  “Love Me Or Leave Me”
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  “Don’t You Feel My Leg”
Eloise Atti  “Your Mother’s Son In Law”
Fats Navarro  “The Skunk”
Paolo Tomelieri  “Loch Lomond”
Tommy Dorsey  “Boogie Woogie”
Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers  “Now Or Never”
Red Norvo  “Tomboy”
The Jet Set Six  “Perpetual Batchelor”
The Dino Martinis  “Ring”
Devil Doll  “If I Died In Your Arms”
Louis Jordon  “It’s So Easy”
Glenn Miller  “The Jumpin’ Jive”