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Briefs and Shorts Return Again

Tonight at The Charleston Ballet building Kanawha Players presents a fresh evening of “Briefs and Shorts,” tiny, meticulously-crafted little playlets that showcase some of the area’s finest acting talents.  It’s sort of the theater analog to the appetizer platter, where you get to fill up on all the tasty little morsels that you normally only get a taste of instead of choking down a huge main course that may not be particularly filling, or to your tastes.

This month’s theme is “How We Relate” and features four pieces, each involving two actors/actresses.  The unique thing about this is how Tara Phares-Pauley, the Briefs and Shorts coordinator, took the theme into new territory.  Each show has been put together by the two performers – from casting to rehearsals to blocking to even directing!  This gave them a chance to really create and the results promise to be intriguing.

Among the performers that you’ll get to see are familiar faces to regular PopCult readers, Kevin Pauley and Jeff Bukovinsky from the No Pants Players are featured in the show-closer, and RFC Big Shot (and recent example of Monday Morning Art) Melanie Larch co-stars in another of the plays.  I hear that the entire cast is really impressive and the night will see some top-flight performances, many from new faces on the scene.

IF YOU GO: Thursday Night’s performance will be at the Charleston Ballet at 822 Virginia Street.  Admission is $5. The show starts at 8PM.  Shows include adult language and situations.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    …the night will see some Top-Flight performances

    Too bad. I prefer Titleist.

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