Wednesday afternoon The AIR brings you brand-new episodes of Beatles Blast and Curtain Call!  You can tune in at the website, or if you’re on a laptop or desktop, you could just stay on this page, and  listen to the convenient embedded radio player lurking elsewhere on this page.

At 2 PM Beatles Blast returns with a new show that’s perfect for summer! It’s all bright and shiny tunes by The Beatles, together and solo. They’re all upbeat and happy and are a perfect way to celebrate all things light and joyful. And they rock quite a bit, too.

Just check out the playlist…

Beatles Blast 083

The Beatles “Good Day Sunshine”
The Beatles “Got To Get You Into My Life”
Ringo Starr “Sunshine Life For Me”
George Harrison “Dark Horse”
John Lennon “I’m Steppin Out”
Wings “Hi, Hi, Hi”
George Harrison “This Song”
Wings “Getting Closer”
Ringo Starr “Private Property”
John Lennon “New York City”
The Beatles “Hello Goodbye”
Paul McCartney “Flaming Pie”
George Harrison “This Is Love”
John Lennon “What You Got”
Ringo Starr “Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go”
The Beatles “Baby You’re A Rich Man”
The Beatles “Hey Bulldog”

Beatles Blast can be heard every Wednesday at 2 PM, with replays Thursday at 10 PM, Friday at 1 PM,  and Saturday afternoon.

At 3 PM on Curtain Call, Mel Larch presents highlights from the Broadway cast album for this year’s Tony Award-winning Best Musical, A Strange Loop.  When we were doing the Tony nominations show, Mel fell in love with this musical about Usher, a black, queer writer who’s an usher writing a musical about a black, queer writer writing a musical about a black, queer writer. It is a strange loop indeed, and it’s an amazing show that won the Pulitzer Prize when it was running off-Broadway in 2020.

It’s an amazing work that manages to touch on themes like homesexuality, Black culture, the clash between the two, and then wrap it all up in a science-fiction bit of surreal weirdness.

We can’t say it any better than their own website…

Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize–winning, blisteringly funny masterwork exposes the heart and soul of a young artist grappling with desires, identity, and instincts he both loves and loathes. Hell-bent on breaking free of his own self-perception, Usher wrestles with the thoughts in his head, brought to life on stage by a hilarious, straight-shooting ensemble. Bold and heartfelt in its truth-telling, A Strange Loop is the big, Black, and queer-ass Great American Musical for all!

Mel presents enough of the show for you to follow the story, but this is a show that’s best seen live.

Curtain Call can be heard on The AIR Wednesday at 3 PM, with replays Thursday at 8 AM, Friday at 10 AM, Saturday at 8 PM and Monday at 9 AM. A six-hour marathon of classic episodes can be heard Sunday evening starting at 6 PM, and an all-night marathon of Curtain Call episodes can be heard Wednesday nights, beginning at Midnight.

Also on The AIR, Wednesday at 11 PM, a new edition of The Comedy Vault features the best novelty songs from Dr. Demento’s basement, and you’ll get to hear the good doctor himself on a track or two. The Comedy Vault can be heard every Wednesday at 11 PM, with the new episodes replayed a couple of weeks later, Monday at 8 PM.