Posted above you see the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Adamfest VI Shirt.” If you can’t see it up there, follow this link. The host segments for this show were shot at Coonskin Park, about a week after the annual Adamfest show, which you will see part of in this show.

Our music comes from Denver’s one man band, The Limbs, The ButtonFlies, who treat us to a very cool music video and we wrap up with a very special moment from Adamfest, featuring WATT4 and a friend.

We also have some fresh animation from Frank Panucci and a 60 second art show featuring the exhibit “Scenes Of Charleston” by Clayton Spangler.

You may notice that in the host segments I am wearing a lavalier microphonee for the first time on the show. After thirty-plus shows using a stick mic, we decided to try something new. The results are a little mixed. I’m wearing it too close, so my voice is a little boomy and bassy. Also, with my hand free, and my natural Italian propensity to talk with my hands, there are times in the show where it looks like I’m on a runway helping to land aircraft. But we’ll keep trying.

Before we hit the music, we take a brief tour through Clayton Spangler’s “Scenes Of Charleston.” This exhibit of Clayton’s photographic paintings on canvas can be seen at The Art Emporium, 823 Quarrier Street in Charleston through the end of November. You really ought to check out this show. It’s some really impressive work.


Our first musical guest is The Limbs, an awesome one-man band from Denver that we previously featured on episode 73 of the show. That show will be back online by this weekend so you can check out the intesity of this unique talent. This episode of RFC showcases The Limbs performing “Pander And Spurn,” an incredible tune that has to be heard to be believed.

This video was shot earlier this year at The Empty Glass, around 2 AM, after a long night of great music. Our guest cameraman was Chris Higgins, and this, and The Limbs earlier appearance on the show performing “Razor Game,” are among the most fun videos I’ve had the pleasure to edit this year. I knew how I wanted them to look while I was shooting them.

Our animation is by my brother, Frank Panucci. It’s part of his series of over 700 animated clips of DEVO Energy domes. This untitled short, animated and scored by Frank, features thousands of synchronized Energy Domes poking out of holes.

Frank likes to animate iconic pop culture objects that mean a lot to him. Sadly, he cannot risk animating those iconic objects who are the intellectual property of litigious people. That’s why he only does Energy Dome cartoons, instead of including Gumby, The Batmobile, Big Boy and The Lost In Space Robot B9.

The world is poorer for this.

Our next musical guest is The ButtonFlies, who come to us with a terrific music video for their song, “Sniffin Roses.” This tune was written by Dave Frazier and Andrea Anderson, and the video was shot, directed and edited by Andrea. It’s a great four-way split screen that bears repeated viewings.

The ButtonFlies play in town all the time. Check PopCult every Friday to see where they’ll be playing next.

We wrap up the show with a very special moment from the last weekend of October. Adamfest is held every year to help out Adam Weaver in his battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s not just financial help, but moral and musical support. Adam has had a very rough 2009, spending several months in the hospital.

It was wonderful to see him at Adamfest, and it was even cooler to see Adam’s uncle, Lee Harrah of the band WATT4 bring him up on stage. WATT4 then broke out their version of Iron Maiden’s “Can I Play With Madness,” one of Adam’s favorite songs, and Adam joined in on vocals.

Even though the video is shaky and the audio is not up to our usual quality, there was no way I couldn’t share this moment with my RFC viewers. It was a great thing to experience. Made me proud to be a member of Adam’s A Team.

That’s it for this week’s RFC. Remember to check PopCult regularly for bonus video and background material, plus news on where you can see the artists and musician we feature on the show.