Starting Friday, July 2 at 7 AM we will begin a four-day marathon of Radio Free Charleston Volume 5, on The AIR .  You can celebrate America and RFC at the same time!

At the beginning of 2020, I changed the format of Radio Free Charleston, combining the one-hour, local-focus RFC with the two-hour, not local RFC International into a three-hour weekly show that brings you local music mixed in with the coolest music I can find from all over the world.

This marathon will run from Friday at 7 AM until Tuesday at 1 PM. It will culminate with a brand-new episode. Fans of local music can tune in and hear their local favorites played alongside brand-new music from the world’s best bands from a variety of different genre. We’re even going to pre-empt the Sunday Midnight marathon of The Swing Shift for this.

This is part of us celebrating The Fourth of July weekend, and part of it is celebrating fifteen years since Radio Free Charleston made its triumphant return as a web-based video show (that video show is “volume two”). It’s also five years since we re-launched The AIR in its current format, as a free-form internet radio station adjunct to PopCult. So pick your party. We’re having a marathon!

If all goes according to plan, we might even have an additional surprise this weekend to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the RFC video show.  As part of this marathon, some of the episodes of RFC V5 we had to bump off the server last summer will be brought back so you can hear them once again.

Tune in at The AIR website, or on the embedded player in the right column of PopCult, you know…over there near the top of the page.