The PopCulteer
July 2, 2021

Your PopCulteer is working on a treat for you all this weekend that may or may not happen. Because of that, I didn’t have time to compose a nice prose essay or put together a collection of fine photographs for you this week.

However, I will remind you that you can tune in to The AIR for a four-day marathon of Radio Free Charleston that starts Friday at 7 AM.  It runs until Tuesday and will wrap up with a new episode of RFC Volume 5.

I will also remind you about this week’s fun toy mystery that I posted here Wednesday, which was solved within an hour thanks to the hive mind of the internet (and Mark Hegeman,  who comprises quite a bit of the toy knowledge of that hive mind).

While you’re remembering all that stuff, and I’m trying to come up with a surprise thirteen years in the making, check out some stuff you can do in and around Charleston this holiday weekend. There is way, way more stuff than this going on, but these events were put on by folks who were industrious enough to make my job easy by creating easily-swiped graphics with all the important info. So go check this out, or find something else, but only go out if you are fully vaccinated. This mess ain’t over yet, folks.

That is our quick and easy PopCulteer this week. Your PopCulteer is not slacking. He’s trying to pull off a surprise treat for all of you. Check back with PopCult every day for fresh content, and you may just find out what it is.