The PopCulteer
March 6, 2020

Your PopCulteer is still fighting off a sinus infection and a Myasthenia Gravis flare-up, but there’s plenty of cool stuff happening in town this weekend that we’ll tell you about in a moment.

First, we are running marathons on our sister internet station, The AIR. All day Friday and Saturday you can tune in for The Swing Shift, our Swing Music showcase. At midnight Saturday, we kick into Radio Free Charleston until 6 PM, Sunday. Then it’ll be Curtain Call until Monday night at 11 PM.

Also, my review of the Steppenwolf production of Bug, which I saw in Chicago last week, will be posted here sometime in the next few days.

The big thing happening in Charleston is Celtic Calling. There are more events that I can keep track of, so you should head over to the Celtic Calling website for a full schedule.

One Celtic Calling event worth noting is The debut production of The Titus Project, which you can read about HERE, and see in graphic form below.


And now, here’s some more cool weekend events you can take in if you’re in the region….














And that’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for all our regular features.