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October 14
, 2016

After a week of lazing about a bit due to your PopCulteer’s medical consultation out of town, The AIR will kick back into gear Monday with a slightly new schedule as we move some shows around, add a couple of new shows and special holiday events, and expand our afternoon musical offerings.

You can listen to The AIR at the website or on this pretend little box radio thingy…

Let me tell you about the changes on a day to day basis, starting with next Monday’s lineup.

As always, the day will kick off at 7 AM with a replay of the previous Friday’s episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. Our 3 PM specialty music shows will always eoncore the following weekday at 7 AM.

From 9 AM to Noon, tune in for the best of local music as we bring you three encore episodes of Radio Free Charleston. At Noon, you can hear a replay of the previous week’s Laugh Appalachia, with Lee, Tiff, and Jay, followed by a replay of the previous week’s On The Road With Mel. At 1 PM, check out a full hour of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum. At 2 PM, it’s the Independent Music Showcase on The AIR. 3 PM will see two hours of progressive rock with Prognosis, hosted by Herman Linte. This will be followed at 5 PM by Harrah’s Hard and Heavy, wherein Lee Harrah brings you an hour of hard and heavy music. At 6 PM, The Mystery Hour will surprise you every time. At 7 PM we will continue to bring you the best of That Conversation with Patrick Felton and at 9 PM, we’ll bring you The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe. 10 PM sees the return of Six Degrees of Separation, an interview show hosted by Tim Dorsey and Jason “Roadblock” Robinson and recorded at The Empty Glass.

At Midnight almost every night, The All-Nighter will present seven hours of unpredictable underground radio.You will heare a mix of encores of our other programming, along with special spoken-word and comedy programs and other surprises that you’ll just have to tune in to experience. The plan is to thrill and delight the insomniacs among our listeners.

Tuesday, we don’t have too many changes. Radio Free Charleston will continue to present a new episode each week at 10 AM and 10 PM. Radio Coolsville, hosted by DJ Betty Rock, will move to 1 PM, while at 3 PM, The Swing Shift moves from Wednesday and expands to two hours each week. This is the show where your PopCulteer indulges in his swing music fetish and brings you the best big band music from the last century. One more new addition on Tuesday is a weekly prime time replay of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 8 PM.

Wednesday will see more music in the morning, but it will be of a mysterious variety. You will have to tune in to hear. At 1 PM, we still have the one-two punch of On The Road With Mel and Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum. 2 PM will still have The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe while at 3 PM, Curtain Call, our weekly showtune showcase hosted by Mel Larch, expands to two hours, with the greatest hits of musical theatre. At 6 PM, we will still bring you an hour of classic British comedy with The Goon Show. 7 PM will see a prime time replay of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum, followed by a replay of the previous week’s Word Association with Lee and Rudy. At 8 PM, tune in for a prime time replay of Prognosis, with Herman Linte. That will be followed by The Gibby Hunters, with Brian Barganier and Jerry Morgan, at 10 PM. At 11 PM, we crack open The Comedy Vault.

3c7118e82f0880b0e13c7da6a4b9ca62Thursday daytime remains basically unchanged, but at 6 PM, we will debut the BBC Radio production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for one full hour. At 7 PM, you’ll get another crack at The Comedy Vault and that’s followed by a prime time replay of Curtain Call. At 10 PM, it’s Live From The Empty Glass. Sometimes it will be an actual live remote broadcast, while other times we will bring you live sets from The Empty Glass archives.

Friday is basically unchanged in the daytime, but at 5 PM we’ll bring you more local music from the Radio Free Charleston archives and from 6  PM to 8 we’ll bring you an encore of The Swing Shift. 8 PM marks another appearance of The Mystery Hour before Laugh Appalachia and Word Association with Lee and Rudy turn up at 9 PM.At 10 PM its time for a replay of Radio Free Charleston International.

Weekend programming will be basically the same as it is now, with music all day Saturday and talk all day Sunday. We do have one other holiday event that we will be bringing you sometime over the next two weeks. Check back here in PopCult for news on when you can tune in to listen to The Stand by Stephen King.

That’s it for the PopCulteer this week. Our regular features will be popping back into place and we will bring you bonus installments of The PopCult Bookshelf and The PopCult Toybox this weekend.  Next week, we’ll be reminding you of all the changes over at the radio division of PopCult, The AIR.