lionWelcome to part two of our quick photo essay of our recent trip to Chicago. In this post we’re just going to spend the whole time at the famed Art Institute of Chicago, home to some of the most famous works of art on the planet.

To your right you see one of the giant lion sculptures outside the Art Institute, decorated for the season, and photographed from the warmth of the Walgreens across the street. Which, by the way, sells sandwiches and sushi. We don’t get stuff like that at the Walgreens here in West Virginia.

At the Art Institute we took in our favorite paintings by Seurat and Hopper, and tried not to get peanut-butter smudges on the other works by Van Gogh and Warhol, and we also stumbled upon the works of Rodin, in once case almost literally. It was at the Art Institute that I discovered the “selfie” feature on my new phone. As this was realy the first time I used the camera in my new phone, my ineptitude meant that a lot of great photos came out fuzzy and out of focus, so I did the best I could. Get off my back already.

They also had a huge exhibit of Soviet Propaganda art, so that we can prepare ourselves for what we’ll be subjected to here in the future.

Here’s some of what we saw…


Within these halls reside the greatest works of art known to man.



Rodin’s famous “Big Naked Dude,” a life-sized sculpture. Behind him you see his less-famous, “Little Old Man with his clothes on.”


It can be tricky trying to get an artistic photo of one of the world’s most famous works of art when you’re using a camera for the first time.


To the person on Facebook who saw this and wrote “Two Thinkers and a Stinker,”–Not funny, dude, not funny.


My Melanie, in her happy place.


Meanwhile in the Modern Art Wing…


Y’know, the guy who drew dis is pretty good.



Your PopCulteer in his happy place.


In the Soviet Art exhibit, the famous whatever the hell that thing is.


A wall of Soviet Propaganda…not unlike the reception room at FOX News.


Ya walk around and turn the corner and WAM! Another masterpiece.


And we leave you with a shot of the sandwiches and sushi at Walgreens. I know what my readers want.

Look for part three of “Chicago In December” Friday morning in PopCult.