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Chicago Part Two

We continue our series of mini-photo essays about Chicago with a few scenes of Millenium Park.

On Tuesday of last week, Mr. and Mrs PopCulteer spent some time in the Loop, mainly so that we could hop up to the L platform at State & Lake to shoot video of, and board, the Pink Line, which was running The CTA Holiday Train that day. You might see that video in a day or four here in PopCult.  Once we did that and had fun, we hopped off a stop later, and wandered the Loop district a bit, deciding on the spur of the moment to pop into Pizano’s for dinner.

That was wonderful in all ways, and afterward we decided to cross Michigan Avenue and hang out a bit around the Bean. That is the sculpture known formally as Cloudgate, but in the pictures below you’ll see why they call it “The Bean.”

As you will see, Millenium Park in the holiday season is a pretty special place. I managed to get a photo of of the rare and elusive Zamboni, not often seen outside of its natural habitat, and we enjoyed the gigantic tree (seen right), the Bean and the Skyline as twilight fell and made everything so cool and mushy and stuff.

We’ll bring you some more photos tomorrow. For now, look at these…


Side view of The Bean.

Just look at that thing as the sun sets.

Reflecting the skyline and the tree.

Speaking of that skyline…

…and that tree,

And more of that skyline.

One last look at Cloudgate, as night falls.

Tomorrow we’ll look at too few photos of The Museum of Science and Industry.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Love those skyline pics!

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