Your PopCulteer was in Chicago two years ago and was able to shoot video of the CTA Holiday Train, which runs on the famous “L.”   Above you see the  video I shot of the 2018 AllState CTA Holiday Train, which we managed to witness arriving at one of the elevated stations in The Loop.

We’d planned to catch it at Clark and Lake, but we sort of got turned around and wound up at Washington and Wells instead. Not knowing what to expect, I’m afraid I didn’t position myself to get a good shot of Santa, but the train itself is pretty darned impressive, and puts lots of smiles on lots of people’s faces, of all ages.  One of these days we plan to return and stake out better camera positions and shoot the train at night when it’s all lit up.

The holiday train is a tradition in Chicago, and they even have holiday buses now that run all over the city, lit up and decorated to make people happy during the season. It’s a nice thing for them to do. However, this being 2020, the Holiday Train is running on a more limited schedule, and nobody is allowed to board, plus you can’t get photos with Santa.

It sort of sucks, but the train is still a wonderful sight, as you can tell in these recent short clips gathered from YouTube…