img_8992Our photo essay journeys finally take us to the Windy City, where today we look at photos of Chicago’s Christkindlmarket, in the tradition of the German town fairs of the holiday season, this Christkindlmarket is set up in the historic Daley Plaza, in the shadow of the famous Picasso sculpture. This pop-up market runs from before Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, every year.

Mel and I first visited Christkindlmarket last year over Thanksgiving, and we fell in love with the bustle, the glass ornaments and Germanic trinkets, plus the hot cocoa and apple cider and we also fell in love with the pretzels. There’s something about eating a hot pretzel (I get mine stuffed with spinach and feta) in 35 degree weather that’s almost orgasmic.

Again, we’re having some technical bugs this week here in PopCult, so every picture will not have a caption. So just look at the photos and drink in the atmosphere of a Chicago holiday tradition.

The PopCult photo essays are a bit behind schedule due to our internet-based printer’s gremlins, so you can expect us to play catch up and run more of these through the end of the year.  Stay tuned next week for essays devoted to a cool thrift store in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Rotofugi in Chicago and our chance encounter with both the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and the Planter’s Nutmobile.


This all happens in the shadow of the Picasso.


Two materpieces: The Picasso and the hot pretzel booth





















Our last image of Christkindlmarket sees a certain element of inclusiveness as the festive Atheist “A” is set up right next to the Nativity, reminding us that “peace to all,” really means “peace to all.”