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Meet The Beatles on Radio Free Charleston 81

Right above this text (if the internet is working properly) is the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Abbey Road Shirt.” This is our second tribute to the Beatles (the first was back on episode 28) and it features performances by Rubber Soul, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, and an animated video by Under The Radar. If you can’t see the show above, check it out at this link.

This episode of the show almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t planned to do a Beatles tribute show, but at the September 5, 2009 No Pants Players show I ran into Rubber Soul’s leader, Mark Scarpelli, and he told me about their upcoming show on September 19, where Rubber Soul is performing all of The Beatles Number One hits. The timing is perfect with all excitment over The Beatles Rockband and their remastered CDs, and I knew I had a couple of great Beatles covers tucked away in my archives, so within ten mnutes, I decided to make episode 81 our second Beatles tribute show.

In addition to a couple of tunes recorded last Wednesday during the Rubber Soul rehearsal, we also have Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, recorded at Taylor Books, and a special performance by Under The Radar, recorded in August 2008 at St. Albans City Park. On top of that, we have a special animated promo for The Beatles Rockband, courtesy of XBox 360.

Rubber Soul was very brave, letting us come in and record them on the first rehearsal with a (nearly) full line-up. Listening to them gear up was great, and they’re going to sound amazing this Saturday. You’ll get to hear the band run-through “Help” and “All You Need Is Love.” The band is sporting a at least an eleven-person line-up, and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Rubber Soul will perform The Beatles #1 Hits September 19 at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater at 8 PM. Tickets are $10 and you can call (304) 342-6522 for more information. This will be a rare chance to hear Rubber Soul take on the early hits byThe Fab Four. They usually focus on the post-1965 years.

Our animation is a promo film commissioned by XBox 360 to promote The Beatles Rockband. It’s essentially a commercial, but just look at it!

Also animated is our video for “Eleanor Rigby” by Under The Radar. We recorded this last year, but only with one camera, so I decided to jump in and make an animated video for it, because I’m stupid that way. When I created the video for Go Van Gogh’s “Requiem For Pepperland” in our previous Beatles tribute show, it took me four days. I did this one in seven hours. That’s why these production notes are so short. My brain is fried. In fact, I look awful and was somewhat addled in the host segments, which were shot mere hours after I finished animating this video. It’s the price I pay for making the art for you loyal viewers.

It’s an austere piece. Rather simple, but I think it works. It helped that I had such a great performance to work with.

We wrap up the show with Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, Jonathan and Laura, doing their trademark take on “Across The Universe.” CC&TBQ do a great version of this John Lennon classic, and we just happend to have a copy in our archives from last February.

Due to the spotty nature of these production notes, I’m going to revisit them in The PopCulteer this Friday. Until then, enjoy the show, and I hope I passed the audition. DO NOT FORGET to enter the First Great Guitar Giveaway, from Radio Free Charleston and Route 60 Music. Watch the show to see how to win a Danelectro 1963 Reissue!


  1. Elvis Capone

    It’s a controversial opinion, but I blame Yoko.

  2. Spike Nesmith

    I’m digging the beard. I think you should give it another week, then shave it into a goatee and early 70s Michael Palin sideys combo.

  3. Rudy Panucci

    The beard will stick around long enough for me to be “Zombie Billy Mays” for Halloween. Then I might go a bit Palin-y.

    Michael, that is. Not Sarah.

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