The PopCulteer
December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever good tidings fill your bill from PopCult and the Larch-Panucci household.

2020 has been an interesting year, and this year I mean that precisely in the Chinese curse way. This is the year that we have a dumpster fire instead of yule log, and we have to look forward, because there’s a good chance that, if we look back, we’ll turn into a pillar of salt.

I hope that everybody can find some peace and well-being on this special day, and that the new year brings us all new happiness, joy, good health, and sound leadership. We are hoping to bring you a special post-Christmas treat sometime in the next week, so if you have time, keep checking PopCult.

As is our tradition on Christmas Day, we bring you Melanie Larch singing “Ave Maria” from the very first Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Let’s follow that up with the 2014 Christmas treat that saw Melanie backed by Mark Scarpelli…

And we’ll continue with Mel’s 2009 Christmas song with Diablo Blues Band…

Let’s go back to Chicago, a year ago, for one more…

Wishing you and yours the best-

Rudy Panucci and Melanie Larch