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Christmas Morning Art

I’m taking the week off from Monday Morning Art, due to the holiday. In its place, here’s a YouTube video and an MP3 of Melanie Larch singing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” from the Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston. Enjoy!


An MP3 file will be posted as soon as technical issues are ironed out.

Merry Christmas from PopCult and Radio Free Charleston!


  1. Basilica Bob

    Thank you for sharing God’s wonderful gift with the world. Bless you.

  2. VanMartin

    Is a beatuiful lady singing a lovely song. Thank you for posting this. Your city looks wonderful.

  3. Knights 65

    That is a powerful performance. You are very lucky to have such talented artists in your town. Not only was the singing amazing, but the framing and camera work presented the lovely singer in such an appropriate light.

  4. Elvis Capone

    Drum solo!

  5. HoneyQ

    This is just beautiful.

  6. Longtime Listener

    Rudy, you are a lucky man.

  7. Music Lover

    Whoa, redheads in trenchcoats are always sexy! Sings like a nightengale, too.

    Good stuff.

  8. Dobbs Loyalist

    Good Singing. A little churchy, though. Would have been better if the spires were ablaze.

  9. KimmyDarling

    Mel’s voice is simply lovely. Thank you for posting this performance– I’m so glad to be able to hear her from DC!

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