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Chuck Biel’s Jazz Lab One on The RFC MINI SHOW

L-R Chuck Biel, Joey Lafferty, Will Taylor

Recorded live at The Empty Glass, this week we hear from Chuck Biel’s Jazz Lab One. This talented line up of Chuck’s students showed off their mind-blowing chops while tearing through progressive jazz. We’ll hear the band performing the tune, “Sea Journey.”

L-R Sean Casey, Dylan Daal, Chuck Biel

Chuck Biel’s Jazz lab One includes:

Guitar – Dillon Gaal. – Dillon is one of the newest and brightest young players to enter the scene for some time. Heavily influenced by everything, this intellectual guitarist pays homage to the music he plays.

Bass – Joey Lafferty – Joey is unquestionably one of the most solid Bass players in the region. His work with Trielement and others is a testament to his skill and resolve as a musician.

Keyboards – Shawn Casey – Sean is a music Scholar, Composer and our local “Frank Zappa” expert. Sean plays many instruments and holds a degree in Theater Arts.

STAFF MEMBERS for Jazz lab One are Will Taylor on Keyboards & Voice , and Instructor/Producer Chuck Biel on Drums.

If you enjoy this, keep checking back for more from Radio Free Charleston. We’re hoping to capture Chuck’s Zygote Collective soon, which is the maestro with and EDM spin.

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  1. Marc Porter

    Can you provide me a way to contact Chuck Biel: address, phone and/or email?

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