I’ve had a few people ask me about Line Rider,  my pick for favorite videogame in the Gazz 2006 Best Of The Year poll.   How can a free Flash game be better than the ultra-expensive games that you can buy for your even more-ultra-expensive shiny new game consoles?  Well, for one, it’s free, and I’m cheap.  Second, this isn’t really a game.  It’s creator, Boštjan Čadež (also known as *fšk)  calls it a “toy.”  You don’t score points, or beat anybody else.  You just draw a line on your computer screen, and a little dude with a scarf rides his sled down them.  You can make him do tricks, jumps, or you can just let him cruise.  And when you get bored, you can make him wreck, and watch his body slide and bounce around the screen.

It’s addictive.  When *fsk posted his creation at Deviant Art in September, it quickly became an internet phenomenon, with over 140,000 short films based on the game being posted on YouTube.   Follow the links in this article to play it yourself.  You’ll be hooked, and your office productivity will plummet!