I’m a huge fan of The Aquabats. Everybody ought to be. They have a sound that is pure Rock N Roll fun–part DEVO, part Ska, part Cartoon Network–you get the idea.

Rather than just offer their fans the typical rock band crappy merchandise, the Aquabats have come up with some really cool items that are clever, imaginative, and not too expensive. One of these items is the SQUISHY LITTLE BAT PAL, a stress ball made in the shape of the Aquabats logo mascot.

This cool little guy stands about three and a half inches tall and will protect its owner from any and all forces of evil that can be defeated by a tiny hunk of squishy rubber. The package is as cool as the Bat Pal. It’s covered with hysterical slogans and testimonials. Best of all, this little guy is on sale now for just $4.50, plus postage. While you’re ordering the Bat Pal, you might as well pick up the Aquabats coloring books, too. You can poke around their site to see what else they have to offer here.