Last Thursday night, I had the joy of experiencing two fun cultural events in one evening. Melanie appeared in Kanawha Players’ March Briefs and Shorts presentation, “Scenes From An Irish Pub, Part Two” at Capitol Roasters. And before that I briefly popped in to see the “30 Artists Think Yellow” exhibit at the Taylor Books Annex Gallery.

The “30 Artists Think Yellow” exhibit is a great idea. I like thematic art shows that bring a variety of different artists together, but sometimes the themes can be a little contrived. In this case, the simple use of the color yellow, which is perfect for a springtime show, works perfectly to unify the disparate works, rather than act as a straight jacket to force the artists to conform. I hope my fellow Gazz blogger Amy Williams will be able to reinstall her yellow clothesline outside Taylor Books before the exhibit is over. (It’s back up! Ed. note) If you get a chance, you should pop into the Taylor Books Annex Gallery and check out this great cross-section of local artists.

“Scenes From An Irish Pub, Part Two” was another fun entry in Kanawha Player’s “Briefs and Shorts” program. We were treated to three short plays with an Irish theme, in observance of St. Patrick’s Day, with some extra musical performances and lots of audience participation. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, this was my first time in Capitol Roasters on the corner of Quarrier and Summers street. It’s a great little space, and I’m hoping that I get the chance to see more events there. The place was packed, and a grand time was had by all.