img_9732bMonday The AIR features a day-long marathon of a show that I cannot actually spell out here in PopCult. Tune in to The AIR or listen on this neat little embedded radio player…

For the sake of brevity (and not angering my bosses here at the Gazette-Mail) we will refer to this program as “The BS Crazy Show,” which is a good compromise. The show itself is uncensored and definitely not safe for work, which is why we’re running our marathon on a day that most people have off from work. Seriously, if you are easily, or even just moderately capable of being, offended, you might want to tune in to other radio stations today.

The show itself is a half-hour compendium of audio delights designed to confuse and confound anyone. You will hear everything from classic comedy and novelty records to foul-mouthed celebrity outtakes to bizarre found audio and more. We guarantee at least four “WTF” moments in every episode.

We’ve had music from The Bonzo Dog Band, Spike Jones, The Aquabats, DEVO, Oingo Boingo, Phil Harris and more. Comedy bits have made their way into the show by the likes of Monty Python, George Carlin, The National Lampoon, Brain Posehn, Jim Norton and more. Plus we’ve had some absolutely filthy blues songs from the 1920s and 30s, classic outtakes by Orson Welles, Jim Backus, Bette Davis, Barry White and many others. The show is also chock-full-of found audio and absudist edits of things like Vincent Price’s cooking records.

Imagine Dr. Demento with Tourette’s Syndrome on acid. That’s pretty much The BS Crazy Show.

The marathon begins at 9 AM Monday and runs until 9 AM Tuesday. The BS Crazy Show can be heard every weekday at 6:30 PM, with three new episodes every Saturday night at 7 PM exclusviely on The AIR. Check it out if you’re curious and daring, but remember, you’ve been warned.