Tuesday 9 13It’s time yet again for the Tuesday line-up on The AIR, with a fresh installment of Radio Free Charleston as well as encore episodes of  Radio Coolsville and  Six Degrees of Separation featuring Chris Ojeda of Byzantine, plus we have an encore of last week’s Radio Free Charleston International which has moved to its new timeslot, Thursdays at 3 PM.

As is always the case, you can tune in at The AIR website or on this special little embedded radio player widget…

It all kicks off at 10 AM with a brand new Radio Free Charleston, opening with a new tune from Crazy Jane, and continuing with an impressive line-up of fantastic local music. We have a replay at 10 PM, so you can listen a second time! Just check out the playlist:


Crazy Jane  “Amazing”
Jeff Ellis and 40 Days  “Night Shift”
Under Surveillance  “99 Reasons”
M & Chuck Biel  “Percussionista”

Foz Rotten  “Hollered Out Guts”
Bobaflex  “Start A War”
Farnsworth  “The Timber Bears His Name”
Ona  “Tornado Rider”
David Synn  “Digital Ideations”
The Renfields  “Porkchop”
Kerry Hughes  “Half-baked Alaskan Pipeline”
Hurl Brickbat  “No Room”
Christopher “Qiet” Harris  “Just The Two Of Us”
Andy Park  “Planets”

At 3 PM, DJ Betty Rock regales us with another two hour blast of the coolest music on the planet, as Radio Coolsville comes to The AIR via WMUL in Huntington. At 5 PM we offer up a replay of two recent episodes of Radio Free Charleston, so you can get an added double-dose of great local music.

At 7 PM we bring you an hour of Ska Madness with Dexter Checkers, which will soon return to The AIR with all-new one-hour programs, and at 8 PM it’s Six Degrees of Separation with Chris Ojeda of Byzantine, recorded at The Empty Glass. This week’s RFC replays at 10 PM and at 11 it’s Radio Free Charleston International, replaying last week’s show. .

Overnight you can enjoy a mini-marathon of Curtain Call, as Mel Larch brings you an overnight shift filled with terrific showtunes. That starts at 1 AM.