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Yesterday the folks at HESS Trucks unveiled their second plush truck, aimed and collectors and very young kids. Like last year’s Firetruck, this cute, cuddly cement mixer lights up and plays songs.

My Plush Hess Truck: 2021 Cement Mixer is now on sale exclusively at for $29.99 with free standard shipping and Energizer® batteries included.

With its friendly eyes and smiling front grille, the 2021 Plush Hess truck is sure to “cement” a child’s first love for Hess Toy Trucks. The soft green Cement Mixer is safe for all ages with features that include squeeze-activated flashing LED lights, two new sing-along songs, an auto shutoff night-light, silent mode, and an easy-grab mixing drum.

The 2021 commemorative license plate and accompanying personalizable keepsake driver’s license tag follow the Hess Toy Truck collectability tradition.

The Hess Toy Truck, offered exclusively online at, remains among the bestselling toys annually and a highly sought-after collectible and treasured holiday tradition that has been shared among families for nearly 60 years.

Last year’s debut Plush Hess Toy Truck sold out and this year’s model, with its distinctive HESS color scheme, will probably sell out even quicker, so you’ll want to get one of these soon, if you want one.

Here’s what the website tells us:

The My Plush Hess Truck series, the perfect start to the youngest fan’s Hess Toy Truck collection, is back and better than ever! A new soft and cuddly plush toy truck is released each year, created with the youngest children in mind. It’s more than a truck – it’s a playtime pal and a comforting face at night. It’s a collectable connection to the past and a gift they’ll handle with love and never want to be without!

My Plush Hess Truck – 2021 Cement Mixer is designed with soft, durable, multi-textured Hess green fabric with white accents and is stuffed with soothing softness. A pair of warm, friendly eyes and a smiling grille reveal the playful personality of this new and lovable construction character. This huggable buddy will ‘cement’ your child’s love for the Plush line of Hess Trucks.

The Cement Mixer offers playtime features such as squeeze activated flashing LED lights and two delightful song favorites – “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “The Alphabet Song” – that will have your little one happily singing along, and learning too! The mixing drum, side exhaust pipes, and wheels are easy to grasp by little hands, making toting around their new best friend a cinch. And when it’s time to rest those sleepy eyes, a squeeze of the roof lights activates the nightlight mode with an auto shut-off 15-minute timer.

Crafted with love by the expert team that brought you nearly 60 years of the best-selling and highest quality toy trucks and the sold out My First Hess Truck Plush, this newest addition to the Hess Toy Truck family is made in highly limited quantities! My Plush Hess Truck – 2021 Cement Mixer is sold exclusively here for $29.99 plus tax. Energizer® batteries and free standard shipping are included.

Safety approved for ALL AGES including
baby-safe packaging
child-safe padded internal battery enclosure
Soft and durable outer fabric
Squeeze activated lights and sounds:
2 Sing-along songs: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes & The Alphabet Song
Ten (10) LED Lights that work in flashing or steady modes
Night light steady light mode with 15-minute auto-shutoff timer
Mute feature keeps things silent for rest time
Easy grab mixing drum
2021 commemorative year license plate
Personalizeable keepsake detachable gift tag
3 Energizer® ‘AAA’ batteries included, pre-installed and activated- REMOVE for storage
Overall size: 9.25” long x 7” wide x 7” high

Check out this short video…