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Deron Sodaro, Molly Gene, A Bad Week For Heroes and Stuff To Do

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May 10, 2013

Lots of cool things happening in the PopCult universe this weekend, so let us get started, shall we?

Deron Sodaro Benefit

A few months ago Charleston’s bassist extraordinaire, Deron Sodaro, took ill with a ruptured appendix. Happily, Deron’s recovered nicely, but his wallet hasn’t. A Benefit to help him with his medical expenses will be held Friday Night at The Boulevard Tavern, starting at 6 PM. Ten bucks gets you in the door to see Spencer Elliott, Karen and Mike, Hillbilly Carnival, Comparsa, The VooDoo Katz, Mother Nang, C2J2 and The Git Down Crew. Deron will be playing with Mother Nang and The VooDoo Katz, and may very well jam with some of the other perfomers.

It’s going to be a great night to help out one of the nicest guys and best musicians in town. Youse guys should go.

Molly Gene at The Glass

If you’re going to see Lyle Lovett at The Clay Center tonight, and want the evening to continue with more eclectic bluesy Americana, head over to The Empty Glass, where, at 10 PM, you will be treated to Molly Gene and the One Whoaman Band with The Ten Foot Polecats and Pepper Fandango. The show starts at 10 PM, with the Famous Empty Glass sliding five-dollar/seven dollar cover (save two bucks by getting there before 11 PM).

Here, look what all the fuss is about…

Top: Ray Harryhausen’s Ymir. Middle: Dan Adkins Conan. Bottom: Dean Jeffries’ Monkeemobile


Your PopCulteer lost three heroes this week. These gentlemen inspired me and helped set me on my life-long path of Pop Culture fanatacism.

Rather than attempt to eulogize these gentlemen properly, let me link to proper obits for master animator, Ray Harryhausen, Silver Age Comic Art great, Dan Adkins and classic car customizer Dean Jeffries.

I would write more, but words fail me.

Stuff To Do


Free music includes George Brackens at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM (and apparently later at Charleston Brewery at 10 PM), Renegade Mary at Riverside Cafe in Winfield at 9 PM, and C&S Railroad at Bruno’s at 9 PM.

Ron Sowell’s Open Mic happens at Unity, with a five-dollar cover charge, knocked down to two bucks for performers, seniors and children. The music starts at 7:30 PM, with sign up at 7 PM.

Stych N Tyme, Elysium and Linework hit the stage at The Blue Parrot at 8 PM, according to the event page. This metal explosion rocks so hard that they couldn’t list a cover charge, but five bucks is a good guess.


The big free show is in Hamlin, at Lions Club Field, as Mudfest 2013 happens. From noon to 8 PM you can rock out to RFC faves HarraH, plus Everpulse, Born of Conviction, Relative Obscurity, Twist of Fate, Zeroking and In The Company of Wolves.

Also for the cheap and cheap-at-heart, Tom Smith will be at Taylor Books from 7:30 PM to 9:30.

In the land of the paying gigs, we have Miniature Giant, InFormation and The AK Forty Sexuals at the Sound Factory. The start time and cover charge are left to the imagination, but we’re guessing 10 PM and $5 would probably work. Elysium, Saprogen and The Key hit the stage at The Blue Parrot at 9 PM to celebrate the birthday of Jebus. Cover charge is $5.

The Radio Free Charleston cameras will be on hand at The Empty Glass Saturday night to record Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands, Qiet and Trielement, starting at 10 PM with the infamous Empty Glass $5/$7 cover charge.

That’s the quick rundown for this weekend. Don’t forget to check PopCult almost every damn day for fresh content of some sort or another. Radio Free Charleston 185 is scheduled to crash into the earth sometime Monday.

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