RFCv3 #33

Opening Track: Big Money “Face The Flood”

Our theme for this week’s Radio Free Charleston streaming show on New Appalachian Radio is the first part of our summertime raid on the RFC Vault. Just last week I discovered a treasure trove of vintage, circa 1989/90 cassette tapes of local music that was submitted to the original Radio Free Charleston radio show. Some of it was played. Some of it wasn’t. This week our second hour will bring you five songs by The Tune Smiths, Mark Beckner’s side project while he was in Go Van Gogh. To balance out our second hour, we’re going to hear a very, very late-night set by Go Van Gogh, sloppily recorded live, at The Legendary Charleston Playhouse.

You can listen to Radio Free Charleston’s  fun and exciting streaming radio incarnation at 10 AM and 10 PM on Tuesdays (and again at midnight Thursday) at New Appalachian Radio, part of Voices of Appalachia. If you miss it, check our the archives for previously-aired shows. You can also listen to Radio Free Charleston Saturday at Midnight. Saturday, RFC airs for six hours, starting at The Witching Hour!

For the next few weeks our second hour will be filled with vintage local crunchiness, but until we get there, check out this great new local stuff…

Sasha Colette “You Had Me”
Groove Heavy “Don’t Stop Believin'”
Total Meltdown “Pictures of You”
The Brothersisters “Can’t Be Lost”

Doktor Steamly “The Needle Goes In”
DEVO “Clockout”
J Marinelli “Lockdown Town”
Sheldon Vance “Turn It Back Around”

The Company Stores “No Middle Name”
Mike Morningstar and Rick Roberts “Queen of Hearts”
Martyranny’s Collective Pulse “Banshee”
Whistlepunk “Satellite”

Wolfgang Parker “To Say You Love Me”

Hour Two: Go Van Gogh and The Tunesmiths

Go Van Gogh “Shut Up, I Love You”

The Tune Smiths

“Say I’m A Fool”
“Incredible Shrinking Man”
“Ballet Dancer”
“Waited For Love”
“For Your Love”

Hitchock Circus “Show Pony”

Go Van Gogh Live At the Charleston Playhouse 1989