The PopCulteer
November 18, 2011

Dr Sketchy’s Returns

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art Show returns to The Kanawha Players Theater this Sunday for a very special evening of Burlesque figure drawing. This month the theme is Classic Pin Up poses with The Fan Dance. On the model front, Pepper Fandango returns, and we will see the Dr. Sketchy’s debut of cult film star, frequent RFC guest, and The PopCulteer’s imaginary daughter, Kitty Killton (Seen right) .

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Dr. Sketchy’s is a DIY figure drawing session that aims to bring the life-drawing experience to the masses.For the lowdown, let’s go to the PR: “Can you only draw stick figures? Are you a professional artist? Or are your skills somewhere in-between? Who cares?

Pepper Fandango, digital painting by Rudy Panucci from an earlier Dr. Sketchy's session

If you like to draw, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School doesn’t care what your skill level is! Grab your art supplies, and join us for a night of Dames, Drinking and Drawing with fun, contests and prizes. Our burlesque figure drawing is open to everyone 18 and over. BYOB to anyone 21+. ”

Dr. Sketchy’s is the brainchild of New York artist Molly Crabapple (who will soon be contributing to an Occupy Wall Street Journo-comic), and our local Charleston chapter was spearheaded by Chase Henderson. You may have encountered the traveling modeling show last month, when Dr. Sketchy’s appeared at ArtMares, ArtWalk, CharCon, TsubaCon and their regular session at Kanwha Players.

Next month, due to a scheduling conflict, the show will take place in South Charleston at the new location of Lost Legion Games and Comics The Rifleman, with a special comic book themed show.

But this month it’s The Fan Dance with RFC faves Pepper Fandango and Kitty Killton. Artists and photographers are welcome. Pepper provided the title shirt for RFC 146. Pepper and Kitty were both part of RFC 141, our big fifth anniversary show from last summer.

Sunday’s event begins at 7 PM. Admission is $10 at the door, but only $8 is you re-register by 3 PM Sunday. Kanwha Players Theater is located at 309 Beauregard Street on Charleston’s Historic East End.

A digitally-asaulted portrait of Kitty Killton by Rudy Panucci (2007)

Razor Sharpness

This little piddy killed a vanload of teenagers

It’s been a week of big news for Razor Sharp Studios, the home of local horror-movie auteur, Eamon Hardiman (who directed the Pepper Fandango video in RFC 141). First comes the wild news that “Porkchop,” the 2009 classic flick about a backwoods killer who wears a pig mask, is now being sold by Wal Mart. Second comes the news that the sequel, “Porkchops,” which premiered just this Halloween, is available for purchase on DVD from Razor Sharp’s website.

On top of that, the next Razor Sharp production has been announced. Fundraising has begun for the third entry in the Porkchop trilogy, “PORKCHOP3D,” which will use retro-classic Red and Blue 3D technology. Check out the IndieAGoGo page:

Eamon’s films are always a kick, and “Porkchop” is the first West Virginia-made film to have a sequel. Both films are good, gory, sexy slasherific fun.

A disclaimer here, your PopCulteer appeared in a cameo in “Porkchops” hatless and drinking warm Seven Up out of a beer bottle.

It’s a short Friday column this week as your PopCulteer juggles magazine deadlines with the production of RFC 148, which will appear Monday with music from the rehearsals for the 15th production of “Mary” by The Contemporary Youth Arts Company.

Our other regular PopCult features will be here in the blog next week, but The PopCulteer will not appear on Friday. It will show up over the weekend so that we can cover the Black Friday edition of ArtWalk.