eight 01Today marks the eighth anniversary of the first post in this, The PopCult Blog. When I started this blog, I had no idea if, or how long, it would last. I’m happy to say that there is no end in sight. I’m having more fun with PopCult than ever.

You may have noticed that we missed the PopCult Toybox yesterday. That really had nothing to do with the anniversary. At the last minute, the folks from the toy company that I was going to write about asked me to hold off reporting on their new toy for a few weeks while they sort out some distribution issues. Since we had a Radio Free Charleston taping scheduled last night (and it was a dandy) I didn’t have time to write a replacement. The Toybox will be back next week, and all our regular features are on track.

I’m not really planning to make a big deal out of our eighth anniversary. I’m saving that for our tenth, in 2015, if we’re lucky enough to last that long. I do want to thank The Charleston Gazette for letting me craft this weird little fiefdom off in a corner of their servers, and I want to thank Doug Imbrogno for instigating this whole thing.

Mainly, thank you for reading PopCult and watching Radio Free Charleston. I’ll keep trying to make it worth your time.