If that headline looks to you like yet another euphemism for reruns, you are correct. It’s also an old name for a brand of TV dinners.  Your PopCulteer’s dilated eye exam from last Friday, which wears off for most people in a couple of hours, took me out of commission for most of three days.

That’ll happen when you have Myasthenia Gravis and a paralyzing agent is administered directly to one of your affected areas. I was back at work yesterday, but had so much stuff to dig my way out from under that I did not have time to record new radio shows for today. Add to that planned repeats of Curtain Call tomorrow, and a scheduled repeat week for the Haversham shows, and it looks like the only new programs we’ll have for you on The AIR this week are Beatles Blast on Wednesday and RFC International on Friday.

You can still tune in at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

As for our reruns, I can assure you that we will only use the finest, USDA Grade-A repeats of our musical programs this week. Hey, if I’m going to rerun shows, I can rerun the jokes I make about them.

Tuesday, you can hear the four most recent episodes of Radio Free Charleston at 10 AM and at 10 PM we’ll replay episode 107. These shows are loaded with new music from Fletcher’s Grove, Beggars Clan, Kevin Scarbrough, The Heavy Editors and more.  The Swing Shift will replay two great recent episodes from a couple of months ago at 3 PM.

On Wednesday at 3 PM Curtain Call will present an encore of recent shows devoted to The Tony Awards. The lead off show features an hour showcase of this year’s nominees for best musical  That follows a new Beatles Blast, which is part two of The Lost Beatles Project and is a new show that runs at 2 PM.

Your PopCulteer should be back in regular work mode next week, and we plan to bring you new editions of all of our shows.