564640_479307108749092_134396497_nThe PopCulteer
August 7, 2015

Your PopCulteer is a notorious non-drinker. I have never been drunk in my life. Therefore, I have never been hungover, at least not on alcohol.

Last night your PopCulteer and his lovely wife risked life and limb (not really) and recorded seven musical acts at two venues for use on future episodes of Radio Free Charleston and the RFC MINI SHOW. It was a long, long night, and at the end of it, we were exhausted. We even had trouble waking up this morning. I think I am hungover on great local music.

Don’t get me wrong. It was well worth it. We were able to record Christopher Vincent, Ryan Kennedy, Ghost Fleet, Eduardo Canelon, Sheldon Vance, Time And Distance and The Company Stores, and they were all fantastic. But it did leave us a bit drained, and I hadn’t written this week’s PopCulteer in advance.

Little India remains, but we'll miss Meena and Harish

Little India remains, but we’ll miss Meena and Harish

Luckily, we captured a really sweet moment on video. Beloved restauranteurs, Meena and Harish Anada, said their goodbyes to the crowd at Third Eye Cabaret. After five years of running Little India and The Fireside Bar & Lounge, the couple have sold their business to new owners and will be heading to The Big Easy to be closer to family. That’s them at the top of this post, in a photo by Gazette-Mail lens wizard, Kenny Kemp. In lieu of a long essay this week, we’re going to bring you Meena and Harish’s farewell to Charleston, and then we’ll post a cool IndieGoGo campaign and some stuff for you to get into this weekend.


The Riveting Roses, photo by Mike Winland Studio

The Riveting Roses, photo by Mike Winland Studio

Our friend, Penny Maple, has started a new neoburlesque troupe, and is offering cool rewards via IndieGogo for folks who want to support their plans for their first full show. Here’s what she says, “Riveting Roses is Charleston’s newest neoburlesque troupe, striving to uplift ourselves and our community via a dialogue initiated through movement and physicality. Classy but not classic, our performances move ourselves and our audience beyond the aesthetic to provoke thought, expose conflict, and transcend boundaries.

Our Fall 2015 production, “The Girliest Show On Earth”, will pay homage to the glorious sideshows of the past.  A little strange, a little magical, and a lot entertaining – join us for all the astounding wonders!

Funds raised will be used for production costs and custom merchandise.”

Check out the campaign and give generously right here…


Well, it looks like everyone in town is as lethargic as I am this morning. I could only find flyers for two shows, even though I know there’s way more than this going on. I may be posting a stand-alone “Stuff To Do” later on, but for now, here are the shows that have cool graphics.



That’s it for this week. Check back for all our regular features. I think I’m going to go take a nap.