Farnsworth comes to the rescue!

RFCv3 #14

It is week fourteen of Radio Free Charleston at New Appalachian Radio. We open this week’s show with an apology. Last week I told you that the theme of our second-hour would be songs from the 1990 “First Step” sampler that was compiled by Rock 105. Unfortunately, my copy is on cassette, and I discovered that my cassette deck, which dates back to the days of the original Radio Free Charleston show, no longer wants to work. A replacement is on the way, but in the meantime I needed a theme.

A terrific theme fell into my lap. Episode 207 of Radio Free Charleston, our video companion program that debuted online last week, featured two songs by the band Farnsworth. While I only had two songs on video, recorded last April at the Empty Glass, I had the audio for their entire set that night–nine songs in all. So our second hour theme this week is Farnsworth live, with a couple of bonus cuts.

You can hear this episode now in the Voices of Appalachia Archives HERE.

NAR log 108You can listen to Radio Free Charleston’s  fun and exciting streaming radio incarnation at 10 AM and 10 PM on Tuesdays (and again at midnight Thursday) at New Appalachian Radio, part of Voices of Appalachia. If you miss it, check our the archives for previously-aired shows. You can also listen to Radio Free Charleston Saturday at Midnight. Saturday, RFC airs for six hours, starting at The Witching Hour!

We kick off the show with “Longer,” a song from Todd Burge’s forthcoming album, “Imitation Life.” I’m making special mention of it here because I totally blanked on the album title while recording the show. We also feature a song from The Company Stores, who star in this week’s RFC MINI SHOW, and we bring you music from Astromoth, Bud Carroll and Scarlet Hill. There’s lots of other great music in this week’s show, so be sure to tune in and listen.

Todd Burge “Longer”
The Nanker Phelge “I’m Coming Home”
Kevin Scarbrough “Divorce”
John Radcliff “It Might Work Out”

The Company Stores “Rollin’ In”
Hellblinki “Row”
Bud Carroll “I’m No Stranger”
Mark Bates and the Vacancies “Spiral Down”

Astromoth “Paranoia Swing, Swing”
John Lancaster “Water Under A Burning Bridge”
Stone Ka Tet “Patton’s Blues”
Science of the Mind “Kaoss”

Stark Raven “Every Time You Say Goodbye”
John Palumbo “Walk On The Wild Side”
Scarlet Hill “Where is Your Heart Tonight”
Hydrogyn “You Ought To Know”

Hour Two: Farnsworth Live At The Empty Glass

“20 Days”
“Already Written”
“The Timber Bears His Name”
“Roll Me Up”
“For You”
“No Friend To Man”
“Call On My Phone”
“Cinnamon Girl”

Because we ran a little short, we bring you two bonus cuts: Farnsworth live at Budget Tapes and Records, recorded for Radio Free Charleston 170, back in 2011.

“Let’s Play Nice”
“Everything Must Go”

Next week’s streaming radio edition of RFC may have the First Step music, or it may have a totally different second-hour theme. It all depends on the post office.