RFC 102 "FestivAll 2010 Pt. One" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

Above y0u see the first of three departure episodes of Radio Free Charleston. I’m going to attempt the insane this week–three shows in six days!  The shows will all be based on this week’s FestivAll festivities. We don’t follow the usual format.

You will hear music by Smoke and Mirrors, The Spurgie Hankins Band, The Nanker Phelge, The Kanawha Kordsmen and The Bob Thompson Unit, and you’ll see and hear FestivAll events like the Buswater art exhibit, The Art Parade, The shows at LiveMix Studio, music from Haddad Riverfront Park and The East End Main Street Streetworks Art Auction.

These shows are meant to be self-explanatory, so the production notes will be kept to a minimum. Needles to say, work on this episode is the reason that Sunday Evening Videos and Monday Morning Art took the week off. The plan is to have our next episode, with music from Brian Diller and tons of other cool things, online by Friday. The third show, which will wrap things up, will go online early next week.