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May 7, 2010

Pop Goes May

It weems we have yet another year flying by at breakneck speed. We’re in the first weekend of May and there’s tons of stuff going on.

First, I hope everybody checked out episode 99 of Radio Free Charleston. You realize that this means our huge 100th episode is coming up in just a few short weeks. At the end of this week’s PopCulteer you’ll find some preview images. At the right you see an image from our animation.

There are tons of cool things going on this weekend. and you can read about them right here, right now.  Well….at least after we take a look at last Saturday’s “Free Comic Book Day” at The Rifleman (Lost Legion Games and comics).

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Day is a national event that’s been going on for at least seven years, but I’m not aware of it ever being observed in Charleston (if it was, it certainly wasn’t promoted).  This is a great way to get new readers to visit comic book shops, and with any luck, become hopelessly addicted to the hobby.

Melanie and I stopped by The Rifleman (near Five Corners on the West Side) and had a blast. The place was packed with comic collectors and gamers and most importantly, kids. We need to get more kids reading comics, because that will lead to harder stuff like short stories, novels and even textbooks. Here are some images from the day. The last three are courtesy of The Rifleman.









Melanie and I visited right after we shot host segments for the latest RFC.

Mother Nang Returns Again

Old friends of The PopCulteer, Mother Nang returns to The Empty Glass Friday night, with Freaktent in tow. The cover charge is seven bucks and they’re supposed to start at 10 PM. You can read Bill Lynch’s profie of the band right here. Plus, you can watch them on RFC in the episode right below this.

RFC 83 "Silver Surfer Shirt"

RFC Archives | MySpace Music Videos

I hope these guys don’t let the newspaper interview go to their heads. I’ve heard that it can turn a person into a raging egomaniac.

East End Yard Sale

yard sale

The poster (by Mark Wolfe Design) says it all!



Remember how I told you about this last week?  One of the featured players, Micah Atkinson, was recently on RFC, remember?  Well, this week the show actually opens and there’s a great profile of Sandy Sowell, who stars as Mama Rose, right here. It’s also by Bill Lynch, who really gets around.

Sandy actually plays a role in the conflicting stories of how Melanie and I met. It was at the CD release party for Stark Raven’s second album back in January 1990. Mel remembers coming up and introducting herself to me. I remember Sandy coming up and saying, “I have a friend who wants to meet you.”

If my memories are correct, then Sandy played a part in the great love story in my life. If Mel is right, at least Sandy was in the room at the time.

Cool Comic Of The Week

It’s not a comic this week. It’s a movie….

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/J6Olpjl_IrE" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

RFC 100 Coming May 24

Here are a few preview images.

PC RFC 100 01

PC RFC 100 02

PC RFC 100 03

PC RFC 100 04

We’ll have more preview images next week. Also check PopCult for our usual features.