The PopCulteer
May 3, 2019

As you read this your PopCulteer is probably stumbling around somewhere in Manhattan. However, there is a ton of cool stuff happening this weekend here in and around Charleston, West Virginia.

Saturday May 4 is Free Comic Book Day, and if there are any comic book stores left in the area, they’re bound to be joining in.

If, like your PopCulteer, you gave up on local comic book stores and order everything from Westfield Comics, then you’ll want to stay up until Midnight (Central Time), Friday, so you can order one each of all the 51 free comic books and have them sent directly to your home.

That’s what I’ll be doing from the City That Never Sleeps.


Aside from Free Comic Book Day, there are a bunch of other things you can get into this weekend, where apparently they have some kind of horse races and then go get Mexican food food or something.













That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for fresh content every day, even if it was prepared a few days in advance.