help-thursdayThis Friday, just five days shy of the 55th anniversary of the day The Beatles arrived in the US for the first time, Charleston’s Fab Four Tribute Band, Rubber Soul, will undertake a marathon concert of over two hundred songs that The Beatles recorded during their career.

I’ve been telling you all about it for weeks, but it’s less than 24 hours away, so I’m giving you a reminder.

Beginning at Noon, Friday at The Capitol Theater in Charleston our Rubber Soul, under the direction of Mark Scarpelli, kick off a  sprawling all-day concert that will last until after Midnight.

The band will accomplish this with a little help from their friends, which coincidentally is what they’re calling the show. Guest performers will step in for a song or five and help bring the music of The Beatles back to a live audience.  Local performers lending their talents to this project include Ron Sowell, Julie Adams, Ryan Hardiman, Ryan Kennedy, Jonathan Tucker, Spencer and Devin Elliott, John Inghram, Kim Javins, Phil Washington, Casey Litz, Erin Elizabeth, Mrs. PopCulteer Mel Larch and many, many more. I even pitched in a little with research for the MC, Larry Groce.

Proceeds from The Marathon Concert will benefit Fund For The Arts, and the show kicks off at noon on Friday, February 2, at the Captiol Theater, 123 Summers Street, in Charleston. There is a $25 pre-sale available at Showclix, and tickets will allow you to come and go all day, just in case fourteen hours of Beatles is a bit too much for you to take in one sitting.

beatles-weekAll week long The AIR has presented special episodes of Radio Free Charleston, Curtain Call, Beatles Blast and Ska Madness to get you in the mood for this very special concert. Thursday and Friday at 3 PM we dived into our archives for two episodes of Radio Free Charleston International that haven’t been broadcast in almost two years. These are our Beatles tribute episodes, and led to me deciding to do Beatles Blast as a separate show. Friday RFC International will take the place of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, for one week only.

If all goes well, technically, I will try to record this show for broadcast, possibly as early as Sunday, on The AIR. It might wind up sounding like a bootleg, but it should capture the spirit of the show.

You can tune in to The AIR right here on this embedded radio player…

Thursday Night and Friday Afternoon we’ll run replays of our Beatles shows, so you can all frantic before you go to the show. I hope to see a big crowd for this show, what with spendid times being guaranteed and all. Go to the main page of PopCult and scroll down for more info on the concert and exclusive rehearsal videos.