friday-7-14The AIR, it’s our internet radio station that plays all kinds of cool programs. You can tune in and hear for yourself at the website, or on this neat little embedded player…

Either thousands of people are discovering it and tuning in, or somebody is going to great lengths to play an elaborate prank on us.  We have plenty of cool stuff all day long, plus new episodes of Radio Coolsville at 2 PM and a full hour of The Third Shift at 9 PM. There’s a graphic running alongside this post, but I’ll fill you in on the highlights.

The morning sees replays of our top programs from earlier in the week, starting with Radio Free Charleston International at 7 AM.

At 9 PM it’s talk time as we run Word Association with Lee and Rudy, On The Road with Mel, Marking Out and Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Marcum all in a row until 11:30 AM.

That’s when the music takes over. This week’s Friday AIR Music Mix includes The Crazy Show and a classic Radio Free Charleston International. That’s followed by a brand-new edition of Radio Coolsville, with DJ Betty Rock, at 2 PM.

3PM sees Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, bringing you the best music of the New Wave era. At 5 PM it’s time for Beatles Blast.

Our 6 PM tandem of The New Music Show and The BS Crazy Show keeps rolling along, and at 7 PM it’s an encore of this week’s Radio Free Charleston, bringing you Charleston’s only dedicated local music program.

At 8 PM we bid farewell, for now, to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

The Third Shift takes over for a full hour at 9 PM, and we have a replay of Radio Free Charleston International at 10 PM.

Then it just gets crazy all night long when The BS Crazy Show marathon starts at Midnight.

That’s Friday, on The AIR.