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Fright Night Reading: The Creeps #4

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Creeps-4The Creeps Magazine #4
written and drawn by various creators
published by Warrant Publishing

Just days before Halloween we have a special treat to trick you with. A new issue of the now-quarterly The Creeps Magazine is out. Once again we get a great selection of horror stories by a mix of classic Warren Publishing veterans and new artists and writers.

You may recall that we’ve raved about this book earlier this year and again just a couple of months ago.

A scene from "Night Mare in Nitrate"

A scene from “Night Mare in Nitrate”

Under a cover by Sanjulian, this issue welcomes two more Warren vets to the fold. Artist Bill Black illustrates a ne-page primer on zombies on the inside front cover, while writer Don Glut brings us a very clever spin on a vampire tale, mixed with a little cinematic urban legendry and a few shots at sleazy Hollywood producers. Mansyur Damon illustrates “Nightmare in Nitrate,” which is the first story in the book.

Next up we have “The Goby and The Kraken,” a viking-era sea-going tale written by Nicola Cuti, with art by Jason Paulos that somehow manages to evoke the work of Wally Wood and John Severin at the same time, which is a very good thing. It’s a great story with a nice gruesome twist at the end.

Jason Paulos art from "Goby and The Kraken"

Jason Paulos art from “Goby and The Kraken”


Henry Mayo art

Henry Mayo art

“Voodoo Blood” is a cool gothic romance story of lust and greed, with a little reanimation thrown in for good measure. A tight script by Artie Godwin is wonderfully serviced by Henry Mayo’s Wrightsonesque art. “Typecast is fun tale by Roger McKenzie and Brian Postman that offers up a new take on a classic theme from “The Twilight Zone,” but if I mentioned which episode, it’d give too much away.

“Sands of Life” written by Artie Godwin with great artwork by Reno Maniquis is a science fiction epic that, to be honest, has enough cool concepts in it to justify a full-length graphic novel. It’s a terrific story about an encounter with an alien race that will probably be ripped off by Hollywood at some point.

Art by Mikael Bergkvist

Art by Mikael Bergkvist

“The Curse of the Cat Goddess” by Godwin and Mikael Bergkvist is a good old-fashioned “Big Game Hunter gets his just rewards” story, with a brisk pace and great artwork. “Web of Horror” by Godwin and Mike Dubisch tells the story of a daredevil with a secret that involves a freakshow and genetic manipulation. This story has a great twist ending.

“Stone cold Death” closes out this issue with a story worthy of a Hammer Horror film. Written by Godwin with art by Jim Webb, this story tells of a hunchback sculptor who has a special way of making his gargoyles come to life. It’s the perfect moody closer to get you in the Halloween spirit.

With issue four, The Creeps Magazine will now be published four times a year. Newsstand distribution is also expanding, and you can still buy all four issues at the Warrant Publishing website. If you have fond memories of Creepy and Eerie, and want to support truly independent comic book creators, you owe it to yourself to check out The Creeps Magazine. It started out great, but it’s getting better with every new issue.

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    I Love The Creeps! Nice review of a great magazine!

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