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Today I’m telling you about a pre-order deal on what is sure to be a fun comic book, Cavalcade #1 will be the debut issue of a new Funny Animal anthology.

Three things you should know about this recommendation:

1. In addition to being a life-long fan of superhero comics, your PopCulteer is also a fan of the “Funny Animal” genre, which was far more prevelant in the Golden Age of comic books.
2. I am a sucker for revivals of public domain comic book characters from the Golden Age of comic books.
3. I’m a big fan of ACP Comics and their Forbidden Gallery horror anthology. I know these folks do high-quality work, and they do it outside of the traditional comics distribution system.

So when I heard that ACP was working on a Funny Animal anthology featuring public domain characters like Tubby the Scout, Bruno Bear, Pudgy Pig, Timmy the Timid Ghost, Hucky Duck, alongside new anthropomorfic creations, I was in.

As you can see from the credits, much of ACP’s crew from Forbidden Gallery worked on this book.It’s a great mix of veteran creators and newcomers. This is going to be fun throwback to the days when every comic book didn’t have to be a test balloon for a movie or TV series.

This book has been in production for a while, but now it’s almost ready to go to the publisher, and you can pre-order it HERE. The 36-page comic book is a mere six bucks (or ten, if you buy two) and you can also find back issues of Forbidden Gallery at the link. If you don’t have them already order everything they have. You won’t regret it.

That price is a pre-order deal. If you order now, during ACP’s PRE-SALE CAMPAIGN before the official release, you can get this FIRST ISSUE COLLECTOR’S ITEM for just $6.00 with FREE shipping! After March, there will be an additional $3.20 charge for shipping & handling.

Delivery is expected in four to six weeks. I’m telling you about this ahead of time so you can save a few bucks on shipping. My readers know I love to plug fun, independent comics, and I think Cavalcade #1 lives up to both of those things.