George Gershwin was born 125 years ago, and this week Mel Larch brings her listeners a special episode of Curtain Call devoted to 1990s recreations of three Broadway musicals that Gershwin wrote with his brother Ira back almost one hundred years ago.

Wednesday afternoon on The AIR, you can hear highlights from Lady Be Good, Pardon My English and Strike up The Band.  You can tune in at the website, or you can just stay here and listen to the convenient embedded radio player elswhere on this page.

At 3 PM Mel Larch devotes the entire hour of Curtain Call to songs that George Gershwin wrote for the stage, performed by a reperatry company that includes Jason Alexander, John Pizzarelli, Lara Teeter, William Katt, Arnetta Walker, Rebecca Luker and more. It’s a mixtape show, so you’ll want to check the playlist to see what comes up next…

Curtain Call 129

“Strike Up The Band”
“Fascinating Rhythm”
“In Three Quarter Time”
“Oh, Lady Be Good”
“The Luckiest Man In The World”
“Yankee Doodle Rhythm”
“A Wonderful Party”
“The Man I Love”
“Dancing In The Streets”
“Oh, This Is Such A Lovely War”
“The War That Ended War””
“So What”
“Mademoiselle In New Rochelle”

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