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Get “Them That Work” On DVD

It’s probably too late to get this in time for Christmas, but I wanted to let you know that now you can order Jason Brown’s excellent 2019 Documentary short, Them That Work, on DVD.

This documentary on the legacy of John Sayles’ Matewan and the lasting impression it left on the people of West Virginia is included as a bonus on the Criterion Collection edition of Matewan, but now you can own it on a very low-priced DVD for a mere three dollars, plus shipping.

I’d wanted to include this in The 2022 PopCult Gift Guide, but Jason couldn’t get everything in place to sell it it until last week, when your PopCulteer was in Chicago. So since I prodded him into doing this, I’m telling you about it now. It’s a really worthwhile project.

You can also get this documentary on the Criterion Edition of Matewan, but this way you can have a stand-alone copy, in case you want to have a WV Filmmaker film festival in your home.

In Them That Work, we hear from Daniel Boyd, Denise Giardina, Ellen and John Bullock, Pamela Haynes, Dave Brock and many others West Virginians, plus there’s archival footage of James Earl Jones.

The IMDB synopsis is as follows:

John Sayles came to West Virginia to make his film MATEWAN, about the gun fight over labor in the coal fields. The film has had a lasting impact on locals regarding the subject and the filming’s influence on people’s lives.

Snagging a copy of Them That Work is a cool way to support the local scene and learn about how the making of a movie reawakened a part of WV history that had been deliberately downplayed over the years.

You can order it at THIS LINK.

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  1. Steve Fesenmaier

    Yes, truly great doc about WVs greatest feature film. Mr Brown did a wonderful job making this film.

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