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GI Joe Winterfest Part Three: Tons Of Other Toys

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Kentuckiana’s GI Joe Winterfest wrapped more than a week ago, but I still have loads of pictures to bring you. Today we’re going to look at some of the vintage toys on display that weren’t GI Joe-based.

There were loads of classic toys, lots of new toys and even a few Barbies scattered among the gems on display at Winterfest. I saw great stuff dating from the 1960s to today, and there was even a smattering of foreign toys and custom creations.

After this batch of stuff, I have one more photo essay up my sleeve. We’ll go back to the well for another look at the cool 12″ GI Joe offerings.

That photo essay will drop Monday or Tuesday, and then, with luck and a lull in outside assignments, I’ll have a video for you next weekend.

But now, dive into the exquisite miscellaney, starting off with goodes from the land of MEGO…

A display case dominated by vintage MEGO figures, with a little extra from Marx, Pez and more.

More vintage MEGO, plus a rapidly decaying Captain America bendy figure.

Brand New WGSH MEGOs and other cool stuff.

The classic vintage MEGO Star Trek Enterprise Bridge playset.

Also from MEGO, the Donny & Marie Show playset, looking nearly complete. Donny and Marie seem too embarrassed to show their faces.

New McFarlane Classic TV Batman stuff.

More new McFarlane TV Batman stuff.

Chewbacca and The Hulk enter the RAGE CAGE. Only one will leave under his own power!

The Turtles were on hand.

They even had the special edition grim & gritty versions.

This guy had a little of everything.

Random Superhero stuff living amongst the GI Joes and MEGOs.

You wouldn’t expect the Barbie/Monster High dealer to have boxed Major Matt Mason pieces…

…but she had some of the real gems of the show….like the rare rocket carrying case, Captain Lazer, The Adventure Team Capture Copter, MEGO’s Flash Gordon and the MMM Space Bubble.

So this guy was piecing together a rare Captain Action Inter-Spacial Directional Helmet and giant Khem Panther, and when he posted about his great find on Facebook, I responded with a photo of the purchase in progress, which in retrospect, might have been a little creepy.

Another dealer with a little bit of everything, all of it very cool.

Mostly Modern Joes, but with a dash of Shogun Warriors.

It was cool to see Barbie hanging out with Jack Kirby’s Big Barda.

More weird fashion doll stuff.

Those AEW guys will show up anywhere!

That’s a lot of Don Post-type masks in one spot.

You don’t want to know how much this stuff cost.

Yet another LiS lunchbox, along with a Rat Patrol game.

Very cool non-action figure vintage toys. Yes, including another rare MMM piece.

A table filled with cool new stuff that lands just outside my interest zone.

One table, thousands of cool things to look at.

We leave this photo essay with a look at a booth run by a very nice guy who had everything from vintage figures to refrigerator magnets to masks and even treasury edition comic books.

Our final GI Joe Winterfest 2023 photo essay will appear in PopCult Monday or Tuesday.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Good grief, all those Megos! And someone already has the new Dungeons & Dragons toys at a table? And I love the Space:1999 Eagle in your first picture! WOW what a show!

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