Most of the last several years have seen us kick off the PopCult Gift Guide with that year’s HESS Truck, and this year we see no reason to change that.

The 2020 Hess Ambulance & Rescue is a heroic and versatile pair of first responder vehicles, designed to deliver aid wherever the need, clearing the way with nearly 100 lights (the most ever on a holiday Hess Toy Truck), 4 different emergency siren / flashing light combinations, and off-road wheelie-popping action.

The first-ever HESS Ambulance pays tribute to all first responders. The heavy-duty Type I truck-style medical transport includes an oversized passenger compartment that doubles as a carrier for its Rescue partner. Designed for high visibility, the bright, attention-grabbing red and white cab coloring is accompanied by an eye-popping 70 lights. For the first time ever, four different flashing light patterns are included; each activated in tandem with a unique siren sound via the four cab-mounted buttons. A switch under the chassis activates lights in steady mode and for the first time ever, a “Mute” mode is included to keep those amazing lights flashing without the accompanying siren sounds. The sparkling chrome accents add impressive detail to the heroic vehicle. A top-mounted button at the rear of the see-through passenger compartment releases the rear door which acts as a ramp for the Rescue.

The accompanying Rescue is a rugged on/off-roader pickup truck with a fold-down tailgate and a pull-back motor that can be revved-up and released to create fun wheelie-popping action! Its bright red color is complemented with sparkling chrome-look accents and another 26 lights that work in steady mode.

The 2020 Hess Ambulance and Rescue is sold exclusively at, for $36.99 plus tax. 6 Energizer® batteries and free standard shipping are included with this two-vehicle set.

This is a classic toy that appeals to both adult collectors and kids who love toy vehicles.

The Ambulance features 70 total lights, including super-bright LED headlights, 4-cab mounted buttons activate four realistic siren sounds, each with a different flashing light pattern, Steady “Lights On” mode, “Mute” mode to operate flashing lights without accompanying siren sounds, Button-activated back door/ramp release, Free-rolling wheels, and includes 3 Energizer® AAA batteries.

The Rescue vehicle has a pull back motor with tilt activated wheelie-popping capability, 26 total lights, Fold-down tailgate and comes with 3 Energizer® A76 button cell batteries. It fits inside the larger Ambulance for storage.

There’s a reason we always make the HESS Truck our first pick. This one is a winner!