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Gift Guide: All Star Comics

All Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever
by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, Wallace Wood and others
DC Comics
ISBN-13: 978-1779500717

Next up in The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide is the perfect gift for the die-hard fan of DC Comics’ Golden Age characters, and for fans of great Bronze-Age superhero comics. All Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever collects every issue of the mid-to-late 1970s revival of All Star Comics, the legendary 1940’s title that featured The Justice Society of America.

With almost 450 pages of great, full-color superhero adventures, this book trains its focus on the adventures of the Earth Two superheroes, who back in the days before the Crisis On Infinite Earths, occupied an alternate universe where the original superheroes of the 1940s had aged in real time, and were ready to pass on their hero gigs to a new generation of superheroes.

In this book we’ll not only see the original versions of The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman Batman, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate and others, but they also team up with younger heroes, Power Girl, Star Spangled Kid, The Huntress and a grown-up Robin.

The book was conceived by Gerry Conway, but early in the run he turned the writing reins over to Paul Levitz, who made his mark on this book and The Legion of Super Heroes. Most of this book features the art team of Joe Staton and Bob Layton, but the first third of the book is either inked or completely drawn by the legend, Wallace Wood.

These are all master storytellers at the top of their game. The legacy of the original DC superheroes are done proud as we get to see them deal with how to be a superhero once you move beyond middle age. We even get to see the death of Bruce Wayne. A nice addition to this collection is the issue of DC Special that told the story of why the original Justice Society did not just swoop in and end World War II. That story established plot points that are still being mined by DC Comics today.

Let’s check out the publisher’s blurb…

The adventures of the Justice Society of America, the world’s first super-team, continues in the 1970s adventures.


In 1940, the Justice Society of America debuted, appearing for the first time in All-Star Comics only to eventually fade into obscurity. Enjoying a much-demanded revival in the 1970s, the super-team of Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Wildcat were joined by younger heroes Power Girl, Huntress, Robin, and the Star-Spangled Kid.

For the first time ever, this historic run of the Justice Society of America is collected in one massive volume, featuring the writing talents of Gerry Conway (Batman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man) and Paul Levitz (Legion of Super-Heroes, JSA), and the art of Joe Staton (Superman, JSA)!

Collects All Star Comics #58-74, DC Comics Special #29, and Adventure Comics #461-466.

This great collection of superhero stories is great for fans of the genre. You can order it from any comic shop or bookseller using the ISBN number, or get it cheaper from Amazon. And check out the page below, with the first appearance of Power Girl…

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Awesome! And I didn’t know Layton had done any DC work. I remember him from inking Iron Man for quite a while, and I was always impressed with his work!

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