Today we are going to bring you four more last minute bonus entries in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide, and Wednesday we will re-post an updated Master List. With the questionable state of the post office and other shipping companies, to get these in time for Christmas, you should order as soon as possible, and no later than by this Friday.

Our final bonus entry in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide is a children’s book with a very special origin story.

One of my best school friends was Chris Myers. Since we met in Junior High we were buddies and occasional locker partners. Chris moved to Florida a long time ago, but we reconnected via Facebook five or six years ago.

Chris had a son, Jamie, who fought a long battle with cancer and did so with humor, strength and dignity. Jamie lost that battle a little over four years ago. Now, one of his classmates and best friends, Sarah Jonas, has written and illustrated a storybook inspired by Jamie.

Ham’s Big Adventure
by Sara Jonas
Peppertree Press
ISBN-13 : 978-1614937357

The story is to help kids understand love and loss and inner strength. Adults may like it, too.

Join a space pirate named Ham on his epic journey to find where love lives. Ham travels to far-off worlds, meets colorful aliens, and learns that love may not be so far away. The author writes…

I made this book after the loss of a close friend, knowing that even though he is no longer with me in person, I still have the memories and the love he left. His message of love has always resonated with me and I felt it was only right to continue to pass it on in his absence.

A portion of your purchase will be donated to Tidewell Foundation for Hospice care.

This book is highly recommended for anyone learning to process grief or compehend loss, which is very important given the events of the past year.

You can order Ham’s Big Adventure from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million.

And that wraps up The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide bonus picks. Check back Wednesday for the revised Master List.