We have a change of plans in today’s entry in The 2023 PopCult Gift Guide.  Our previously-announced guide to online retailers has been bumped to next Sunday.

This week we are going to feature some local folks, most of whom make their own cool wares, and many of whom are vendors at The Mountain State Pop Expo, which is still going on today in South Charleston.

Next Sunday we’ll tell you about online retailers, and later this week we’ll also tell you about more of the local crafters who were at MSPX.

Rabin’s Relics

We have mentioned these fine folks before, but seeing them at MSPX reminded us to point you their way again.  Rabin’s Relics are two fine folks who make cool gothic and steampunk jewelry and costume pieces right here in The Mountain State. .

You may have seen the work of Rabin’s Relics for sale at local conventions,  but you can also peruse and order the fine merchandise online. They make some really cool costume jewelry, accessories and props, and they are based out of Fairmont.

You can “like” their Facebook page to keep up with their newest offerings and find out what shows they’ll be attending. You can also find contact info there.

This is some really nice, intricate jewelry. Mel likes their crosses, plus they also refurbish and improve vintage hats and other items, and make new leather goods in addition to their pendants and necklaces. There’s a timeless quality to their hand-crafted goods that really makes them stand out.  Perusing their Facebook page will give you loads of great gift ideas for the person on your shopping list who appreciates fine adornments.

This is some very cool and creative stuff, and Mrs. PopCulteer has several of their pieces in her collection, including a new hat she just got Saturday.

Nitro Antique Mall
The Kanawha Valley’s Pop Culture Emporium
110 21st Street, Nitro, WV  304.755.5002

Our old pal (and co-panelist for ShockaCon), Tim Arnott, made big changes in the Nitro Antique Mall and now it’s a one-stop shop encompassing Third Floor Comics, Modern Vintage Records, Gearhead Garage Toy Cars, The Sports Corner, The Creepy Room Horror Collectibles and Bric-N-Brack building toys.

The place is easy to find, just a block off of Route 25, near the Nitro WWI memorials, and it’s a treasure trove of collectibles from the last sixty years (and beyond).

You can expect all items to be graded and priced fairly, and Tim will go out of his way to hunt down special requests if he doesn’t have them in stock.

They’re even hosting the occasional open mic night now. It’s a great place to do your holiday shopping.

The Art of Adam Weaver

Adam Weaver has been a friend and a bit of a hero of PopCult‘s for several years. A cancer survivor since childhood and the reason for AdamFest, Adam is now a husband, a father and an artist.

At his webstore you can find several of his prints for sale, as well as stickers ad other goodies. At the Mountain State Pop Expo, he had even more cool stuff, including Mothman-inspired 3-D standees and  cool stuff like that.

Adam’s art is inspired by his love of 1980s horror movies and pop culture. You’ll find paintings based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, and of course, A Nightmare On Elm Street and more. All of this is rendered in Adam’s distinctive style and could make the perfect gift for the fan of 80s horror on your shopping list.