Today in The 2023 PopCult Gift Guide, since it’s one of our “flashback” days, and since I promised that T Shirts would be involved, I’m going to toss you a bit of a curve and remind you of three artist friends of the blog who sell their designs on T Shirts, but also on prints, mugs and a variety of other cool items. There are even books involved.

Two of our artists are local to the Charleston area, and the third is an old friend from my comic book days whom I actually haven’t seen in person since 1987.

All of them do really cool art that not only looks great on your wall, but also on your chest!

Without any further ado, let’s remind you of some of the artists whose work we’ve told you about…and would still make great gifts.

Seriously, the works of these artists all make fine gifts for the sophisticated lover of great works on your shopping list.

HepCatz Design
by Brenda Pinnell

Brenda Pinnell is an accomplished graphic designer who has branched off and become an entrepreneur with her creations, HepCatz, including the main Hepcat, Mr. Fluffy Butt. Hepcatz promises “Cool Cats, Swell Design,” and I can verify that this is a case of truth in advertising. Her cat cartoons are cute, funny, clever and…well…swell.

Like your humble blogger, Brenda is a fellow refugee from Charleston Newspapers.

Hepcatz brings us clever and hilarious cartoons featuring Brenda’s cast of feline interlopers having their way with the world at large. And you can find them on all kinds of HepCatz swag.

You can find HepCatz stuff at Tamarack and at the HepCatz Store, where you can find all of Brenda’s HeptCatz merchandise, including notecards, T-shirts, mugs, holiday cards, artwork and more. You can also buy HepCatz gear this weekend at her booth at the Capital City Art & Craft Show at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

Follow Brenda on Instagram to see more of her art and where you can buy it.

Glen Brogan

This is not Glen’s first time in The PopCult Gift Guide, but he’s still such a damn good artist that you’ll want to see what he has to share. At his page you can find links to prints and T Shirts featuring his art. His prints are top-notch and sold through Hero’s Complex Gallery.  T-Shirts and other apparel can be found at his TeePublic Shop.

Glen Brogan is the type of artist that makes his fellow artists want to give up and pack it in. His art is so good that it’s hard to imagine anybody topping it. With a sleek style and a strong appreciation of the coolest elements of pop culture, Glen has made a name for himself with exhibits in New York and Los Angeles and work commissioned by Disney, King Features Syndicate, Marvel Comics and more. His first ook will be published in conjuction with his next exhibit at HGCArt in Los Angeles.

In addition to his prints and shirts, you might want to track down The Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book, which Glen illustrated in 2021. He’s recently done book signings at Taylor Books and the Mountain State Pop Expo, It’s now available in a larger size, too.  You might want to follow Glen on Instagram to see what he’s up to next.

MItch O’Connell

Mitch is an old friend that I haven’t seen in person for a long time, but we keep up via social media, and he’s got tons of great art items available.

It’s hard to pigeon-hole Mitch O’Connell’s work. He’s run the gamut from low-brow to high-brow, and has been right at home no matter what he does. He is a man who straddles many brows. You’ve seen his work on covers for Newsweek, and illustrations for Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Village Voice and dozens of other magazines. He’s done clip art that’s been used around the world. O’Connell has drawn CD covers for Supersuckers, Less Than Jake, the Malamondos and tons of other groups. Plus he’s done flyers for Burlesque Shows, movie festivals, bands, theatrical productions and roller derby.

Mitch’s Threadless Shop has dozens of cool designs, including his recreations of the monster shirts from a classic episode of Leave it To Beaver. You can even get them in grayscale now, just like they were on TV back in the day.

Mitch also has an Etsy shop where you can buy limited edition prints, stickers, his books and other goodies.

And while you’re at it, follow him on Instagram too, so you can see his new projects and the stuff he finds at flea markets.