The 2023 PopCult Gift Guide offers up yet another excursion into the world of Tiki.

Perfect for fans of Mid-Century artificial multiculturalism that’s loads of fun and looks really cool. It’s exotic without worrying about being authentic, as Polynesian influences mingle with Caribbean, African, Chinese, beach and nautical ephemera to create a universe of stuff that just looks really cool.

Today it’s Tiki Mugs, from three different sources with affordable price points. Links to order will be in the prices below the name of the mug.

We’ll have one or two more Tiki items sprinkled throughout The 2023 PopCult Gift Guide, but they’ll be hidden away in different groupings of items. Think of them as buried treasures. However today it’s all about the mugs…

Munktiki Import – Whittle Exotica Mug

The Whittle Exotica mug is designed by Jeremy Spears, Annie Award Winning Story Artist at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. His projects at the studio include Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Moana and Ralph Breaks The Internet (Wreck-It Ralph 2.)

The Whittle Tiki mug is 8 inches tall and holds 17oz

It melds a classic Moai-type design with African and Carribean decorative carving and the end result is a quintessential Tiki Mug.


Tiki Farm offers up their own take on a classic Tiki mug design, but with a unique “Tank-twist”.  Rongo-Rongo is an inspiration of the majestic Moai Tiki Gods of Easter Island.

Created by Tiki Farm’s brand-new Art Director himself, Tank Standing Buffalo. Tank created his version of the Tangata Manu (bird man) on the backside and kept with stylings of some of the behemoth statues, maintaining the topknot (Pukao) feature as well, found on some of the Moai on Easter Island!

Glazed in a dusty lava-inspired gray with a black wash, Rongo Rongo stands 7 1/2″ in height and holds 12 oz.

$34 Mini Version $16

Trader Vic’s manages to pay tribute to their logo with a wonderful Tiki Mug that captures the feel of the Polynesian Islands.

Originating from Papua New Guinea, the design of their mask logo was introduced in 1951 and since has been the symbol of Trader Vic’s known around the world. Notu, is a Papuan language spoken in the “tail” of Papua New Guinea.

The striking color scheme stands out among the usual Tiki Mug designs that you’ll see in many collections.

Capacity 16 fluid ounces