Last year I suggested you head out to Target to snap up their exclusive MEGO figures. This year MEGO is taking over the world. In addition to dozens of onlinie retailers, the latest MEGO releases have turned up in Walmart, Gamestop, Books A Million and other mass-market and specialty retailers. Usually the eight-inch figures are less than fifteen bucks.

So next in The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide, I’m once again suggesting that you consider MEGO action figures.

These are the perfect gift for collectors who grew up in the golden age of action figures, or who have grown tired with the homogenous look of Funko Pops. These are eight-inch, well-articulated figures with cloth outfits that look great in the package, and also look great opened up so you can display them.

In addition to great pop culture icons like Bruce Lee, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe, MEGO is thrilling collectors with their Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Impractical Jokers and classic Horror monsters series.

Select Walmart stores have had Star Trek, Monsters and Lord of the Rings figures in their Electronics Departments. I’ve seen some of the horror figures, like Pennywise from “It” at Books A Million. Other figures in the line are turning up all over the place. Target still has a few figures for sale online, and in a few stores. You can also find MEGO at online retailers like Cotswold Collectibles, Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store and others.

Don’t forget that MEGO also has the 14″ DC heroes and are introducing other figures into that line as well.

To keep up with the latest details on where MEGO may turn up next, I suggest you check the MEGO Ambassador Facebook Page or visit MEGO Museum.

These are great gifts for action figure collectors.