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Gift Guide: Forbidden Zone Ultimate Edition Blu Ray


Forbidden Zone Ultimate Edition Blu Ray + Soundtrack CD

81xyobwH7XL._SL1500_It may not shock longtime readers of PopCult to learn that I consider this 1980 movie, directed by Richard Elfman, to be one of, if not THE greatest movie ever filmed. Made on a shoestring budget, this film stars Elfman’s brother Danny, Susan Tyrrell, Herve Villechaize, The Mystic Knights of The Oingo Boingo, The Kipper Kids, Viva and a cast of hundreds.

The story is about a white trash family that moves into a new house, only to discover that the basement contains a portal to the Sixth Dimension. Bizarre, surreal, politically incorrect hilarity ensues. Forbidden Zone is like a mash-up of Three Stooges shorts, Max Fleischer cartoons, nudie movies, cheap science fiction, underground comics and musical comedy. The music is an amazing combination of 1930s and 40s jazz mixed with pre-fame Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman’s first movie score. The highlight is Danny Elfman, as Satan, performing a re-written version of Cab Calloway’s “Minnie The Moocher.”

Danny Elfman as Satan!

Danny Elfman as Satan!

Even though this is easily the greatest movie ever made, Forbidden Zone may not be for everyone. There’s lots of naked boobs in this film. If you are offended by generous displays of female anatomy, you might want to spare yourself the embarressment of watching a movie where several major and minor characters are women who only wear panties. Also, if you’re overly-sensitive about racial stereotypes, the characters who wear blackface and talk like The Kingfish from Amos and Andy might put a damper on your enjoyment of this film. There’s also rough language, poop jokes, Jewish stereotypes, elder abuse and a little transvestitism and chicken fetishism.

But if that doesn’t offend you, then you will be able to enjoy THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE.

Villechaize and Tyrrell

Villechaize and Tyrrell

This Ultimate Edition Blu Ray includes the original black-and-white version of the movie and a newly-tweaked colorized version. You will also get commentary from the director and co-writer, all the bonus material from previous releases, and for the first time, scenes from “The Hercules Family,” the film that acted sort of like a pilot to Forbidden Zone.

If that weren’t enough, this package also includes a soundtrack CD, that mixes tracks from folks like Josephine Baker with music made for the film by Elfman and Oingo Boingo.

Not a film for the kids, you can find the Forbidden Zone Ultimate Edition Blu Ray + Soundtrack CD package from several outlets online, but the best deal is at Amazon.

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  1. Richard Elfman

    There is also a GREAT BOOKLET accidentally missing from the package– original posters, Elfman family photos, an essay by yours truly plus other fun stuff. DVD & Blu-Ray purchasers can get it free at: MVDENTERTAINMENT.COM/ALIENGATE.

    And RUDY PANUCCI, next time you’re in Hollywood drinks are on me!

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